The Solasta EDC from Shilowiz offers fresh innovation in the collection and analysis of clinical trial data. A contemporary EDC built for agility and efficiency is becoming more and more necessary as protocol complexity increases. With Solasta EDC, you can improve data quality overall, cut down on development times and effort.

It just takes few days (not months or weeks) to build your studies with self-service dynamic SOLASTA Admin. It is flexible enough to meet the varying needs of multiple sponsor clients, and its intuitive interface with reusable components allows fast, efficient study builds. Find out more on this here

Solasta@EDC Site Personnel

With SOLASTA the user experience will be increased in usability, adoption and performance. During data entry, real time auto-saving and edit-checks increase accuracy and user satisfaction. Easy navigation between eCRFs, Queries and pending tasks will reduce time.

Solasta@EDC DM

Personalized user interfaces provide immediate direction of users’ tasks and minimize time spent searching for information. SOLASTA has integrated query management, reporting and data exports that helps you clean data faster, make better decisions and run more effective trials.

Solasta@EDC Dashboard

SOLASTA Dashboards enables you to create your own interactive and graphical dashboard view of key business data, based upon the KPIs that matter most to you. Intuitive Dashboards is easy-to-use and highly configurable.

Protocol Amendmends

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