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Shilowiz One Stop Solution

Unique integration solution for eClinical suite. Every data source and it’s recipients can be predefined dynamically by using ISHLOV and it has SSO (single sign on)

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Shilowiz develops the technological innovations to make the process of drug development faster, more accurate, more productive and easier to track.
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Cloud based eClinical Systems


Intuitive and Reliable Electronic Data Capture

Support your team with streamlined clinical data management. Accelerate study build with an intuitive interface and make mid-study changes without downtime. Boost data quality, manage studies without the need of external programmers, and enjoy a low total cost of ownership

Improve randomization and supply management

COPIOUS@RTSM affect how quickly a trial can start, how it is conductedand how quickly patients receive medication kits so that safety andefficacy data can be collected as soon as possible.

Versatile and Comprehensive Platform

Ishlov is a versatile and comprehensive platform that gives you single-point access to a suite of fully integrated applications, data, and information associated with clinical trials and programs.

technology solves challenges for sponsors and CROs

Allegiant@Clin Payments technology solves challenges for sponsors and CROs in order to ensure sites remain happy and focused on clinical trial activities.

Collaboration Platform for Clinical Trial Documents

Doccart@eTMF is a way of digitally capturing, managing, sharing and storing those essential documents and content from a clinical trial.It is a type of content management system for the pharmaceutical industry, providing a formalized means of organizing and storing documents, images, and other digital content for pharmaceutical clinical trials that may be required for compliance with government regulatory agencies.
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