The Solasta EDC from Shilowiz offers fresh innovation in the collection and analysis of clinical trial data. A contemporary EDC built for agility and efficiency is becoming more and more necessary as protocol complexity increases. With Solasta EDC, you can improve data quality overall, cut down on development times and effort.

SOLASTA Admin: Revolutionize Your Study Setup

Experience the future of study development with SOLASTA Admin! Say goodbye to months or weeks of setup—it just takes a few days. Flexible and Efficient: SOLASTA is designed to adapt to the unique needs of multiple sponsor clients, providing the flexibility you require. Its intuitive interface and reusable components empower fast, efficient study builds. Ready to simplify your study setup process? Discover more here.

Transforming Clinical Trial Management with SOLASTA

Discover a new era in user experience with SOLASTA. Our platform is engineered to enhance usability, drive higher adoption rates, and boost overall performance. Real-time Enhancements: Experience seamless data entry with real-time auto-saving and built-in edit-checks that not only ensure data accuracy but also elevate user satisfaction. Effortless Navigation: Navigate effortlessly between eCRFs, queries, and pending tasks, saving you valuable time in your clinical research journey.

SOLASTA: Elevate Your Clinical Trials With Precision And Efficiency

Our user-centric approach ensures that every interaction with SOLASTA is tailored to provide immediate task guidance, reducing the time spent searching for critical information. Powerful Insights, Right at Your Fingertips: SOLASTA's integrated query management, robust reporting, and seamless data exports empower you to clean data faster, make informed decisions, and run more effective trials.

Empower Your Data Insights with SOLASTA Dashboards

Unlock the power of data visualization with SOLASTA Dashboards! Tailor your interactive and graphical views of vital business data, focusing on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most relevant to your goals. Intuitive and Customizable: Our easytouse, highly configurable dashboards put you incontrol, enabling you to transform complex data into actionable insights effortlessly. Elevate your decision-making capabilities. Discover the future of data-driven success with SOLASTA Dashboards

Solasta@EDC Protocol Amendmends

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