When a sponsor pays them seldom, insufficiently, or without remittance or details, the sites become frustrated. They’re also less likely to cooperate with that sponsor again if it happens frequently.Allegiant’s payment technology helps sponsors and CROs overcome obstacles so that sites can stay pleased and focused on clinical trial activities.
Our payment technology is the only one that can provide…


  • All site payment actions are centralised on a single dashboard.
  • Sites will be able to submit bills and track payment status and history.
  • Reporting and compliance on aggregated spending
  • Global VAT optimization
  • Just-in-time finance and forecasting are two flexible financing methods we offer
  • Payment totals by study, investigator, etc.
  • ProForma invoicing
  • Customizable payments workflows and approvals.


  • Integration with other eClinical systems
  • For study teams, complete transparency and detailed reporting are provided.
  • Client/study specific dynamic workflows can be buit
  • Invoice approvals/rejections
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